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Neel is a collection developed with experiments with natural indigo over the years across various textile techniques. 


Jamdani which is an old technique that injiri is associated with has been done using natural vats of indigo. Resist dye on natural materials is being done by means of clamp dye and tie and dye. 


India has existing traditions of natural indigo dyes and we are fortunate to have been able to work with it. 


In terms of silhouettes we have been conservative in our approach as to cut a garment in a way that there is minimum wastage. Usage of more rectangular panels in order to lower wastage of fabric.


Utsav is a celebration of colours and uses the technique of jamdani.


Handloom production is central to all Injiri production. Every season to ensure we work with same set of weavers brings us immense joy and meaningfulness.